Upcoming Sunday Services 11:00am

  • In the Eye of the Beholder   

    Gary McAlpin

  • TBA

    The Rev. Doug Inhofe

  • Ask Away

    The Rev. Cathey Edwards

  • Cold Anger

    The Rev. Cathey Edwards



"When I signed the Hope Church charter in 1968, I had no idea I would still be an active member in 2016.  Through all those many years, Hope has been the place where I find acceptance, affection and intellectual stimulation.  Hope Church is where I sing!"

—Meredith Miller

"Hope Church is a welcoming, genuinely kind and compassionate congregation. Tranquil natural setting with architecture that blends beautifully into the landscape."

—Brendan & Marti Fox
With Catherine, Mia, Emily, & Mary

"I like Hope because it is a warm and open community that welcomes free inquiry and freedom of conscience, champions social justice, and joyfully and compassionately shares life's transitions with one another."

Dr. Joseph Rivers