Seeking Truth, Sharing Love
Within - Among - Beyond

Welcome to this place of wonder and mystery. Welcome to this place of freedom and justice. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whomever you love, you are welcome here. We are glad that you found us.

We gather with minds open to new truths and arms open to embrace one another. We come together with hearts open to spiritual transformation. We pause in reverence for the vastness of the universe. We praise the resilience of the human spirit and the love that embraces us always. We are building a beloved community together. We know that everyone has something to offer.

Won't you join us?

This month's theme:

Our Covenant

We are a religious community that chooses to walk together in covenant. This is what binds us together, rather than a creed or common set of beliefs. Each week in worship we recite these words, by James Vila Blake, to reaffirm our covenant:

Love is the Spirit of this Church and service its law. 
This is our Great Covenant: 
To dwell together in peace; 
To seek the truth in love; and 
To help one another.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

If you would like additional information about the dinner please contact the church.

Upcoming Services

April 20
"Easter Looking In"
Rev. Cathey Edwards

April 27
"We Are of the Earth"
Rev. Cathey Edwards

HOPE Community Events

Plate Recipient for April 2014:

A Third Place Community Foundation

Rev. Ron Robinson, Executive Director and a founding member of "A Third Place" will be doing a presentation on their many programs for Adult Religious Education on April 6th. Please join us to learn more about this fascinating and inspiring community renewal foundation.

For more information on A Third Place Community Foundation click here.

Chaos and Wonder
Spiritual Adventure of Parenting
and Grandparenting


Childcare available with RSVP to
Jackie Portman
or 918 481-0999

Meet the Minister

April 27 at 12:15 pm

Hope Minister


Newcomers and their families are invited to meet with Rev. Cathey after the service.

Get to know each other and about Hope



For a complete list of Community Events, visit Hope's Community Events page.

Tuesday, May 12 at 7 pm

Hope Unitarian Church - Group Picture
2013 Group Picture

We welcome all who would walk together with us in the spirit of our covenant.