If you are looking for a welcoming community of fellow seekers, Hope Unitarian Church is a progressive religious community in south Tulsa. We are nestled in an oasis of nature atop the highest point in the city at 84th and Sheridan. We invite all ages to join us on Sunday mornings and for any of the activities we have on our calendar.

We walk diverse paths to find meaning and purpose, united by our belief in the worth and dignity of all. We accept the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion. Join us as we create a lively community seeking truth in love while being true to our name, Hope!

We would love to meet you.

May's Theme: Theological Reflection

Theological questions are often the big questions we ask throughout our lives. What happens before I am born? Is there a soul? What happens after I die? Why am I here? Does my life matter? Why do bad things happen? Can I be forgiven for my mistakes (and by whom)? >>Read More


On a Hill not far away... there is a congregation with a vision for the future: HOPE UNITARIAN CHURCH.

The generous pledges we received in the past helped us become the church we are today; a place for spiritual, intellectual, and altruistic growth.

Now we ask for your generosity in order to continue making a difference in the lives of many.

Click here to read more and see the Pledge Drive 2016 brochure.

Meet the Minister
Sundays, after church at  12:15 pm
in the Minister’s Study

Newcomers and their families are invited to meet with the Rev. Cathey Edwards after the  service. Get your coffee and cookies and come get to know each other and about Hope.

For a complete list of events, visit Hope's Community Events page or check out FOCUS, our monthly newsletter.

Upcoming Services
Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

Sunday, May 29
Trees We Did Not Plant
The Rev. Cathey Edwards

Sunday, June 5
Never Doubt the Power of a Small Group
The Rev. Cathey Edwards

Sunday, June 12
I Hear Music in the Air
The Rev. Cathey Edwards

Sunday, June 19
$#!% My Father Says
The Rev. Tamara Lebak

Sunday, June 26
Midsummer Wisdom
The Rev. Sherri Curry

- Minister's Newsletter

A large part of my job description is developing weekly worship and sermon. Since I came to Hope in August of 2013 I've preached over one hundred sermons. If you're curious, audio versions of them as well as guest ministers' and the Rev. Elizabeth Cartmell Ladd's sermons after 2012 are stored on-line and accessible from our website. >>Read More

May 29:
"The Nature of the Quantum Universe" This is the first of a three-part series that focuses on the mind and the universe, presented by Raman Singh.

Recipient for May 2016

Wing It

Wing It (Wildlife in Need Group in Tulsa) is the recipient of our Generosity plate offering for May. Wing It is part the Tulsa Audubon Society and is comprised of a network of licensed rehabilitators, who work with game wardens, vets, the zoo and each other to raise and release orphaned/injured wild animals.