The Hope Unitarian Church Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) serves as the endowment fund for Hope Unitarian Church.  The Foundation was incorporated in 1973 to accept and manage the funds being collected to build the church’s current building.  Once the church was completed in 1977, the fund became inactive.  In 1988, a member made a significant gift on the condition that the Foundation be reactivated and its purposes be redefined.

The purposes of the Foundation are to support the long range goals of the church, to solicit and receive special gifts and bequests, and to manage, invest, and distribute the funds prudently.  The amount of income available for distribution to the church is determined at the end of each calendar year.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors.  Members of the Foundation are the elected Board of Trustees of Hope Unitarian Church. The activities of the Foundation are reported to its members at an Annual Meeting in November.  Their duties are to elect and re-elect Directors at this meeting.  Available funds of the Foundation may be requested from the Foundation Board of Directors by their members (BOT).  Past uses of the funds include: denominational involvement, professional conferences and training, marketing and membership growth (including substantial support of the new website), and a contribution toward the new HVAC system installed in 2014.

Our special challenge is to encourage members to think in terms of development, enrichment, and heritage.  Being successful requires relatively small amounts of funding for making our efforts and dreams come true.  But his can only happen through generous special assistance.

Giving Opportunities

Your contributions to the Foundation should only be in addition to your generous ongoing support of the operating budget.  We don’t want your money now, just your promise to share the wealth later.

There are many ways to make special gifts to the Hope Unitarian Church Foundation.  In the past few years, most of our income has been from bequests. memorials and honorariums.  Here are some other options:

  • Make a planned gift.
  • Include the Hope Foundation in your will.
  • Life income gifts (annuities).
  • Gifts of special assets.
  • Gifts from an Individual Retirement Account.
  • Include the Foundation in a charitable remainder trust.

Depending on the asset donated, the benefits of these various methods of giving may include:

  • Reducing current income taxes.
  • Avoiding capital gains taxes.
  • Reducing or eliminating income tax on property passing to charity on the donor’s death.
  • Reducing costs and time in estate settlement.

Discuss the various forms of planned charitable gifts and their tax implications with your own financial or tax consultant.  Feel free to call one of the Foundation directors if you have questions or to inform us of your gift.  For a list of Director’s names and contact information, call the church at 918-481-0999.  We would be proud to include you in the Hope Legacy Society.

Hope Unitarian Church Foundation is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the state of Oklahoma, and is recognized under Section 501(c) 3  of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization exempt from Federal Income tax.

Don Miller, President
Hope Unitarian Church Foundation