Hope Church is a questioning community. It is a safe place to bring doubt and new ideas. Our monthly themes express Hope Church’s openness to theological exploration. They are not an endorsement of any creed or belief. Instead, the themes provide a monthly opportunity to examine in common a religious doctrine or idea.

Theme based ministry is a way of focusing the life of a congregation on monthly themes through worship, religious education, small groups and other activities.  Theme based ministry helps create multigenerational connections, as people of all ages explore common themes in age-appropriate ways.  Theme based ministry also extends faith development beyond Sunday morning by providing families with ideas for conversation in the car ride home or over the dinner table.  Those involved in small group ministry can choose to consider the theme as well.  Our themes are guided by The Touchstone Journal. If you would like to receive this electronic newsletter on the monthly theme, please request it by emailing hopeuu@hopeuu.org.

For more information about theme based ministry, see the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website.