The Reverend Cathey Edwards

The Reverend Cathey Edwards

Serving as Hope Church’s minister is an honor. I am in my second year sharing their diverse and energetic ministries. I continue to revel in the depth of love, commitment, joy, and intelligence of this congregation.  We are entering a year of self-discovery, examining the church’s mission and vision. We are entering a year of looking outward into our community. We are entering a year of celebrating our 46 years of liberal religion in south Tulsa.

I am a native Tulsan. Married for twenty-seven years, my husband Joe and I have two young adult children. We have been adjusting to having an empty nest. Alice is pursuing her passion for vocal music at the University of Oklahoma as a sophomore.  Ben recently graduated from the University of Tulsa majoring in international business and Spanish.  Joe is turning into a baker of bread when not handling the finances for a local manufacturing company. We love to bicycle, sail, cook, and read.I bring two, complementary religious strains to my ministry. Our Unitarian and our Universalist histories are inspiring to me. I feel connected to a long tradition of people concerned with profound religious questions and social justice activism. Their courage is fuel for creating a hallowed community whose ultimate aim is to better ourselves and the world. .  As for my other religious source, I am a committed, long-term member of a local interfaith meditation center with roots in Tibetan Buddhism. My participation there sharpens my UU spiritual toolkit. I have been teaching meditation to women in Tulsa’s jail for the past several years.For the past three years, I have been working with local clergy and citizens to form a congregationally based community organization, now called the Tulsa Sponsoring Committee. Hope is serving as a founding member of this to join in this exciting network building power to revitalize our democracy for constructive social and economic change in Tulsa.

I hope you will come visit our church. All ages are welcome. We are not a church where you have to check you head or heart at the door.  We invite questions and curiosity all tempered with love, reason, and compassion.

With joy,

Rev. Cathey Edwards